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Are they gone yet? by xMadame-Macabrex Are they gone yet? :iconxmadame-macabrex:xMadame-Macabrex 908 317 I'm not Free by xXShadowkisses91Xx I'm not Free :iconxxshadowkisses91xx:xXShadowkisses91Xx 45 26
Don't You Get It?
Don't you get it?
I'm the freak.
I'm the outcast.
I'm the loner.
No one talks to me.
But everyone looks.
No one knows anything about me.
But they think they know it all.
Don't you get it?
They don't like me.
They don't want me.
They don't need me.
No one will care if I'm not there.
But they won't like it if I am.
No one will regret that I couldn't make it.
But they'll regret you bringing me along.
Don't you get it?
I'm the girl that hates to be seen.
Yet wherever I go it's all eyes on me.
I'm the girl that loves the shadows.
Yet wherever I go you shine the spotlight.
I'm happy this way.
I'm happy alone.
I'm happy hiding away in my room.
Don't you get it?
You think it's for the best.
But it makes everything worse.
You think you can only help.
But it only makes me hurt.
They think I'm bad.
They think I'm wrong.
They think I'm weird.
Don't you get it?
I've been telling you all along what you're doing to me.
But you don't get it, do you?
:icontomboy821:tomboy821 3 29
The Californian Killer pt. 8
WARNING: Shit gets sexual... again :3
I had no idea how to react. Johnny was going to die? Holy shit… I guess we really are in a dangerous situation. Since Aron’s has been so courteous to us in the past, I guess I forgot that he was a psychotic killer. Zacky ran to the door screaming at Aron, but all he got in response was a terrible shriek and hysterical laughter. He sank to his knees shaking and seething. I looked at him, worried how he was going to react. He stood after awhile and slowly turned towards me.
“We have to do something.” He stated.
“Zacky, what can we do? We’re locked in here with no way to get out… I’m sorry, but I don’t think there
:iconlovintheundead:LovinTheUndead 2 3
Free Masky Doll :3 by redrumTerror Free Masky Doll :3 :iconredrumterror:redrumTerror 497 46
Mature content
The GREASTEST show! .:reupload:. :iconiamneverforgotten:IamNEVERforgotten 5 1
The pasta Bowl
General ask accounts
(Splendor)man(slenderman parody(obviously))
:iconjeffsaywhaplz::iconjeffthekillerplz::iconjeffthedummyplz::iconjeffthekillerlaplz::iconjeffthekillerjizzplz::iconmanfacejeffplz::iconretardedjeffplz::icongotopotatoplz: :iconjeffderpfaceplz::iconjeffomgyayplz::iconjeffomgwantplz::iconjeffthekillerissad::iconjeffisstartledplz::iconjeffpedosmile::iconjeffthekillerraveplz::iconjeffthegwahplz::iconjeffeweplz::iconyayjeff
:iconcreepypastaiconsplz:Creepypastaiconsplz 64 114
Dead Bite: An Undead Story 53
Dead Bite: An Undead Story 53
So his lover had come.  His EX-lover.  Or soon-to-be.
Matt waited for Jorel’s light tap on the door, an almost invisible sensation to him, but his hand was already on the knob.  The door swung open to reveal a smiling Italian face, but the grin quickly faded as Jorel realized that Matt was not happy.
The teenager glared at his boyfriend, slamming the door shut and relishing in the action.  He knew that Jorel would be pleading on the other side, imploring for an answer to this unexpected greeting.  One of the benefits of being deaf was that you didn’t have to listen to bullshit like this.  Matt scribbled hurriedly on a piece of paper and slipped it through the mail slot.
Jorel would be reading, [Fuck off.  I don’t want to see you ever again.]
Satisfied, the curly-haired boy returned to his bed, throwing his covers up over his head.  Although he was the one to break it off, why did his heart hurt so m
:iconhukissy:HUKissy 16 14
High School's Not All Bad (part 2)
The next few classes went by quickly. I stopped by my locker for a second to drop off a weird book my Geography teacher gave me, then headed toward the lunch room. I met the guys in line and scanned the room for Danny. I saw him sitting at a table by himself. After we got through the line, I lead the guys over to the table he was at.
“Why are we sitting by the new kid?” Matt asked.
“Because he’s really cool!” I replied. “I talked to him during art this morning, I think you guys will like him.”
Jimmy and I sat next to Danny and the other guys sat around the table. Danny looked at me and smiled, then looked to everyone else.
“Danny, this is Jimmy, Brian, Matt, and Johnny!” I pointed to them as I said their names, and they waved and said hello.
“Hey,” Danny said quietly.
“Don’t be so shy, dude!” Jimmy sat as he patted him on the back. “We’re all cool! So where did you come from?”
:iconlovintheundead:LovinTheUndead 2 3
Mature content
Half Masked JY.TP -request- :iconrememberilovedyou:RememberILovedYou 13 11
Mature content
Bully Chap 6 :icontomboy821:tomboy821 12 23
Mature content
Wake Up Call - Bratt :icongerardwaysavedmylife:GerardWaysavedmylife 45 37
Mature content
Synacky - Sadistic but Sexy :iconalexjackson1988:alexjackson1988 18 14
Mature content
I Didn't Know! (Synacky) :iconmh-bartholomew:MH-Bartholomew 33 14
Mature content
Candy Seduction :iconsynackyshellzangel:SynackysHellzAngel 9 37


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Sleepy Canadian
::. IckyBoo Icon .:: by ShinimiShizumi :iconrainbow-wplz: :iconrainbow-eplz: :iconrainbow-lplz: :iconrainbow-cplz: :iconrainbow-oplz: :iconrainbow-mplz: :iconrainbow-eplz: ::. IggyBoo Icon-2 .:: by ShinimiShizumi

Coda|N/A| gay pixel flag by Fefetasprite Demisexual flag stamp by TheScotburd |Zombie| THE CANADIAN FLAG? PIXELED? by LovelySilversky Undertale Sleepy Dog Icon by VULPWAVE [Undertale gif] Monster Kid by Sallaria

Hello, I'm Coda~
I'm usually timid, but once you get to know me I'm kind, caring and only a tad eccentric ~
I won't put up with any bullshit and bullying is NOT ok with me.
I'm a tomboy and a bit of a loner. I don't conform to societies standards of 'normal', and so... people often ignore me~
But I don't mind. Those who see behind the mask I wear to protect myself will find a true friend, a friend who will always be there for them~
I enjoy video games, books and music. I also love animals (Especially cats~) and I'm also quite fond of water ~
I can speak French, but it's a little rusty... I'm gay, so homophobia and bashing is not tolerated on my page ~ I will also not tolerate any religion bashing ~
I write Fan Fiction ( Youtube gamers mostly, but also A7X and HU), poetry, and random stories, and I'm an amateur photographer... I'm a bit of an emotional wreck, so I kinda have a lot of different stuff on here...
I do love to talk, but I hate to speak. Which is why I write so much, because I feel like I can connect to people better through text, rather than verbally...
I hope you enjoy your time on my page~

undertale sans trombone pixel rip by choke undertale papyrus pixel rip by choke :thumb562713084: Flowey page doll by shoelazy
My birthday badge

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.Stamp. I'm So Gay by KillMePleaseGod Sometimes I feel Invisible by Ivestro Stamp: Thanks, internet. by Catthylove Forgetful by prosaix
Typing Stamp by In-The-Machine I Love The Rain by Wearwolfaa I love cats Stamp by Creativeness I REFUSE Stamp by RoxyOblivion I love Angels Stamp by illyn
Tomboyish Stamp by xSweetSlayerx Tea AND Coffee Stamp by AustraliumSiren So Many Books by LaPurr 011 - Memory by clumsyrebel Friend by Sedma
DA Stamp - Ernest Gaines Quote by tppgraphics Stamp Poe Quote by StraysMemoryAlbum Always tired... by prosaix Yaoi Stamp by Clockwerk-chan We are equal regardless : stamp by Galialay
Our Scars Remind Us... by EmmaL27 Different Opinions Stamp by mylastel Just Don't by Mintaka-TK Why for one specific gender?  by Little-rolling-bean Be Kind Stamp by Southrobin
You don't have to agree... by Excellency-Shinigami +Stamp+ Get Away Unharmed... by TenshiNoFuu Light in Dark Places by delusional-dreams Friends Make Mistakes Too by mylastel :thumb157730907:

-_-' by waad11
(Once you enter the
Internet you can
never leave.)
Congratulations by FireFlyExposed

:bulletblue: If I give you a llama, it's because you're awesome and I'm probably thanking you for favoring something of mine. Or just because you're awesome. :meow: :bulletblue:
Give a Llama, Get a Llama by mushir Llama fever by kyokosphotos Don't Thank Me for the Llama by DirtyZephyrAssassin


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